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Breakfast or brunch can be an adventure on Sunday’s. There is so many places to try in Montreal but it always seems that everyone thinks of the same place to go at the same time. I enjoy food as you probably guessed by now but I also dislike to wait more than 15 minutes. Since Cafe Parvis is located on Mayor a little bit off the main streets I figure I would give it a try.

There’s a lot of construction going on right now in that area but they are still open for business. I was my first time there and I like the bistro feel of the place. High ceilings with a bar and bistro table in the main dining area looked very quaint and comfortable but I decided since it was a gorgeous day to settle on the Terrasse.

Inside or outside they have lots of plants that kind of give it a feel of an urban oasis right in the core of downtown. They also have a good variety of dishes for Brunch from sandwiches to eggs and some other meals that are different from the basic breakfast/brunch food. I started with a latte that was actually quite good, coffee for me is a big part of my brunch experience and I feel that too often some restaurants don’t always have good coffee.

There was a few things that caught my eye on the menu but I went for something out of the ordinary, a breakfast pizza. Pizza is always good but still I didn’t know what to expect, was it gonna be really more like pizza or would it taste like breakfast. For looks it was definitely pizza but with the ingredients they used it was as described a breakfast pizza. There is only a little tomato sauce that mix very well with the leak, spinach, bacon and cheddar topped with an egg. Been the size of a small pizza I was expecting it to be way too much food but I surprised myself by eating it all. I think it’s the cheddar that really made the difference for me and that really made it feel like breakfast.

If you want to try a new place that doesn’t seem to be to busy over the weekend I’m sure you’ll find something on their menu to your taste.


Cafe Parvis
 433 Rue Mayor, Montreal
 (514) 764-3589


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