No More “Love Locks” but did you participate in the #OLDPORTMTL contest?


By Sebastien Robillard @fashionbpm

If you have been following the news you might have seen the article regarding the “Love Locks” that will be removed in the Old Port. A friend of mine sent me the article and this was one of the quotes from the Old Port spokeperson that got my attention:

“Instead of putting a lock, I was suggesting maybe they can take a selfie and put it on the web using the hashtag #oldportmtl and they will have a chance to win a cruise,”  Jimmy Laforge Old Port spokesperson

Since there was no link or details regarding this contest I did some research because I don’t know about you but a cruise sounded pretty good. Don’t get too exited the cruise is not in the Caribbean, Alaska or the Mediterranean but one of the ones offered in the Old Port.

Contest is pretty easy take a picture in the Old Port, post it on Instagram using the hashtag #OLDPORTMTL and you could win one of the 13 prizes as described on their website.

If you’re in the Old Port taking pictures why not give it a shot, it’s always fun to win something isn’t it?

For more details visit their website but below is a list of the prizes I saw there.

Contest rules and prizes

1) 4 tickets to the exhibition Game at the Montréal Science Centre + parking ticket for the Alexandra Quay. Valid until September 13, 2015. Value of $ 104

2) Combo 2 IMAX films for 2 adults at the IMAX TELUS theatre, a $ 25 gift card to the Boutique Neurone of the Montréal Science Centre, 30 minutes of Segway for 2 + parking ticket at Alexandra Quay. Tickets valid until September 13, 2015. Total value of $ 173.

3) Package Dérive at Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau including a massage of 60 minutes + water circuit for 2. Value of $ 260.

4) MTL Zipline for 4 persons + season passa the the Clock Tower Beach, for 2. Value of $ 110.

5) MTL Zipline for 4 persons + Amphi-Bus cruise for 4. Value of $ 220.

6) MTL Zipline for 4 persons + trip on the Petit Navire for a family of 4. Value of $120.

7) MTL Zipline for 2 + 30 minute Segway for 2 people. Value of $ 130.

8) Passes for a family of 4 on Jet Boating (2 adults, 2 children). Value of $ 218.

9) Amphi-Bus Cruise for 4 people + 60 minutes quadricycle for 4 people. Value of $ 183.

10) 45-minute ride on the Petit Navire for a family + 2 paddle boats for 30 minutes (4 people) and Family Pass for the SOS Labyrinthe. Value of $ 134.

11) Day cruise on the Bateau-Mouche for 4 and 30 minutes Segway for 4 people. Value of $ 280.

12) Day cruise on the Cavalier Maxim for 4 and 30 minutes Segway for 4 people. Value of $ 180.

And the Grand Prize:

13) Electronic Tablet 16GB.

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