Hiking: JE Trail, Wizzard Trail and Tour du Massif Loop


Fees: Free (donations) $ Level: Moderate Parking: Yes Services: Yes

This is a 12.7 km hike with 316 m of elevation gain located in the Alfred Kelly Nature Reserve. The drive from Montreal is about an 60min. There is no cost but they do work on donations. It’s always a good idea to do so if you enjoy well maintain trails.

The hike is moderate it starts a 6 km climb of 224 m at kilometre 3, it’s not steep but steady. The trails are well identified as long as you get in them from the parking and you follow marked trails. There are a couple of side trails but unless you’re using an app to keep track you will end up off site.

The first real view point is when you reach the Marais aux Castors. After that until you get to the top you’ll see lots of huge boulders and some picturesque streams that will take you all the way to Mont Olympia.

There are several trails and since most of them meet or cross you can build your own hike.

The trails are pretty clear and clean but there is a portion on the climb that is very rocky. Hiking shoes are good but if you have boots that will be even better.

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