Hiking: Desjardins La Coulée Loop


Fees: $10.00 Level: Easy Parking: Yes Services: Yes

This is a 8.6 km hike with 404 m of elevation gain located in the Parc Régional des Chutes Mont à Peine et des Dalles. The drive from Montreal is about an 1h 20min. There is a cost for entry check their website for info, at the time of my visit it was 10$ for 1 adult.

The hike is rather easy it climbs a bit at the beginning and then it’s pretty leveled but at kilometre 4 there’s variation of 140m for 2km with different ups and downs.

It’s a nice trail with nice view points along the way. You’ll have some falls, a bridge that brings you to an other entrance and another view point. It’s a good idea to pack a lunch for this hike as there is a nice rock beach area along the river where you can stop and enjoy the moment. That area is quite large and some people were there just to enjoy it for tanning and swimming. You have to stick to the rules as there are dedicated areas for picnic and swimming.

There is 11 trails that vary from 0.6 km to 5 km and since most of them meet or cross you can build your own hike.

If you want to do the loop like I did you will have to enter by the Ste-Béatrix door but if you just want to go enjoy the beach and picnic area you are better off to use the St Jean de Matha door.

Great for a day with friends or kids.

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