Le Festin du Capitaine

It’s been months upon my visits in Chinatown that I pass in front of this restaurant. Been a seafood lover it always attracted me and it was on my bucket list to try.

I went to try it with some friends during the week and went to their Chinatown location. I had read online the concept but what awaited us was slightly different than what I was expecting.
Concept is pretty straight forward you choose the type of seafood you want and everything is boiled. Next you choose the type of sauce you want it to be mixed with that will give it the flavour you are looking for. Last you choose the level of spiciness you want it to be.

Where I was a little surprised was in the presentation. This restaurant is non pretentious and plain and simple don’t expect cutlery or fancy plates. Your order will be delivered to you at the table in a bag and they supply you with bibs and gloves to really dig in to your dinner. At first we didn’t know what to expect but when the food showed up it was just as easy as going straight at it.

I decided to try their clams and their snow crab legs. You order by the pound so I had a pound of each. A pound my sound like a lot but keep in mind that it also included the shell which usually will be heavier than whatever seafood meat you will encounter. Not to mix to much the flavors I took their Captain’s Boil sauce that mixes the 3 others that they have. Since those other sauce already had Cajun spices, paprika and pepper mixed in it I just went for the mild level of spiciness although I like spicy food.

The choice of sauce and spice was perfect, I was spicy enough. It was actually easier to eat the food with the hands than it would have been with utensils. The clams were good and so were the crab legs. The crab legs gave me a little bit of a hard time when I got to the claw but I managed to get through it.

It’s a fun place to go to with friends but maybe not on a first date. Next time we will probably order a lot of different choices and share to get to try a little bit more of everything. I did get to try the shrimps but heads up they are whole and you need to take of the shell so it’s not just a bag of shrimp meat.


Le Festin du Capitaine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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