Al Campanile

While in the Friuli region of Italy I was fortunate to have a friend who lives in the area make me visit the region. Visiting a region when you love food is more than just looking at the beautifully panoramic views but also indulge in the local cuisine.

After one of our stops that brought us to Cividale to see the Ponte del Diablo my friend suggested we stop at a restaurant for me to try the local specialties. He strongly suggested that I try the Frico and the Salame al acelo and the Patate.

We stopped at Al Campanile a nice picturesque restaurant on the piazza in Cividale. They had a nice patio for us to enjoy the beautiful late afternoon weather while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Been close to the Alps the food I got to taste was somehow different than what you normally categorize as Italian food. The Frico was pretty awesome, a dish made out of potatoes and cheese fried and crispy on the outside and filled with melted cheese on the inside. It was very filling but as a cheese lover so satisfying. The Salame al acelo as to be an acquired taste. The salami is cooked with onion in a vinegar sauce and to me tasted pretty bitter. The patates are roasted potatoes but were also pretty good.

If you’re in the region those are most try dishes and this place knows to do it well as confirmed by my friend.



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