Madre Rome

Rome has a lot of history to offer and after a long day of visiting sites what better than a great meal.  We were looking for a place to have dinner at and saw this Michelin rated restaurant Madre.

We took a chance and without a reservation decided to go to the restaurant and see if we could manage to get a table or see if they had cancellation and could accommodate us. When we got there they had no tables available on the restaurant side but offered us a table on the bar side which worked for us.

Ambiance is different on the restaurant side and bar side.  The restaurant side really gives you the feeling that you are eating outdoors with lots of plants on the walls and ceiling while the bar side makes you feel like you`re in an Art Deco hotel bar.

As for the menu, you can order the same in the bar area that you will in the restaurant. Because we wanted to try lots of different dishes we decided to go ahead and share them and the restaurant accommodated that very well.

For starters we had some Maritozzo`s, one was filled with chicken salad and chickpeas while the other one was stuffed with cod and bacon. Both were excellent and as much as it seems like an easy recipe the marriage of the different taste was what made it so good. We then share a La Blanca pizza topped with Stracciatella cheese, marinated pink peppers and red shrimps with confit cherry tomatoes.  This was also very good with the way the different ingredients came together. We continued with a Lamb Parrilla, this was not only good but presentation was fun as it was served on a mini barbecue on the table. We finished off the meal with Pork Taco served with chipotle mayo and red cabbage.

Food was excellent, everything we tried we were surprised with the taste that we experienced. Drinks were also very good and if I would have anything negative to say about the place was only that the service in the bar area was a little slow but I’m pretty convinced it would have been different in the restaurant area. All in all it was a good experience especially considering we had not planned it in our trip.


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