A good camera for travels

I did photography long before I started blogging, I usually take shots with my phone as I don`t like to carry my SLR around.  Don`t get me wrong I love my 5D but it`s quite heavy with the different lens you need to carry, flash, battery pack and other accessories.  It`s great for studio shoots or special occasions but I felt it was too much for taking decent shots on travels.

I felt I was falling short on potential shots due to the lack of zoom of phone and has mentioned SLR was not an option I wanted to explore so I started to look at alternative.

I spoke to a few photographer friends and started to look into point and shoot cameras. There are lots of options out there and you don’t want to pick one out just on it`s price point. After looking at different model and brands I decided to stick to Canon and I got the PowerShot SX620 HS.  The camera is 20 mega pixels and has a 25x zoom and that was enough features for what I intended to use it for.  The other feature that is quite nice for travel is that it can synch to your phone creating its own Wi-Fi between your camera and phone. You can also upload your pictures directly to your Google Drive when you have Wi-Fi access. The full HD video capability was also something that attracted me and quality is pretty good.

I first took it out on a weekend trip just to try it out and I was pretty amazed at the quality and features that little thing was giving me. I was planning a trip to Italy and that was one of the main reasons I wanted that type of equipment and felt pretty confident it would do the job.

That trip has come and gone but I was super happy with the results I got out of my camera. For something that fits in your pockets I was able to get some memorable souvenirs from that trip and quite a few shots that I don`t think I would have done better with my 5D.

All the shots below were taken with the SX620 HS on different trips and rain or shine shots always came out awesome.


6174640096_IMG_03386176642288_IMG_04876176643488_IMG_07047516795296_IMG_09277516823376_IMG_15187516831136_IMG_10387516844176_IMG_20057518825008_IMG_19027518825008_IMG_19117518837888_IMG_14297518854928_IMG_11077583875520_IMG_12927585957792_IMG_1452IMG_1594IMG_1927IMG_4745Snapseed (1)Snapseed (2)Snapseed (3)Snapseed (4)Snapseed (5)Snapseed (6)Snapseed (7)Snapseed (8)Snapseed (9)Snapseed (10)Snapseed (11)Snapseed (12)Snapseed (13)Snapseed (14)Snapseed (15)Snapseed

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