Taverna del Capitano

If you are staying in between Sorrento and Positano there is a place call Nerano that you need to visit. It’s not that the scenery is better than other places in the Amalfi Coast but more the fact that there are a couple of Michelin rated restaurants in the area.

I was lucky enough after a day of visiting Amalfi and Positano to get a table at Taverna del Capitano. Right off the beach and pier the restaurant has a magnificent view on the sea and you will be able to see it over dinner from all the tables in the restaurant.

If you are celebrating a special occasion this is a beautiful place to be at and their wine list, that was quite impressive, will give you plenty to choose from for all taste and budget.

As I just love food and especially Italian food I had to go for the full experience of the 7 course menu chosen by the chef. While enjoying a nice Centine from Toscany we were anticipating what dinner would be.

Been close to the sea there was obviously lots of fish and product from the sea in our meal. The meal started with and eggplant served in tomato sauce that was filled with a local cheese.  This was followed by some cutter fish in a red cabbage sauce with urchin tea. Both of those were excellent and the urchin tea sauce was pretty interesting.  We were then served the Agula Imperial with was a dish that was quite interesting. In the middle of the dish there was a rock that had been warmed and was so hot was cooking the fish that was served in the dish. Careful not to touch it as it was really really hot. The dishes that followed were also full of flavor and well prepared.

When dessert time came we were already pretty full and were surprised that what we thought was dessert was actually a pre-dessert. We finished the meal with these desserts our wine and topped it off with an espresso.

This is a great place if you are looking for a great meal with a magnificent view.


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