Quite a few movies have been made of the ancient Roman city that was buried in volcanic ash and pumice when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. If you like history this Unesco World Heritage Site should be on your bucket list.

Personally besides how well preserved this city is the level of advancement that they had reached is one of the things that marked me the most. Everything was thought and it was made to last through times.

A couple of tricks if you are planning your visit, first like lots of sites in Italy, you can pre-buy your tickets online. This will save you a considerable waiting time at the entrance of the site as they have a special line for online purchase. Like any ruins that you will visit I would also strongly suggest wearing proper shoes, I personally like hiking shoes as they are versatile when travelling, especially if you are also planning to go to Mount Vesuvius. I have not been on this trip but went to the top on a previous trip and was glad to have proper shoes and hiking poles.

Get a map at the entrance if you`re not going to take a guided tour as you can spend hours at the site and you don`t want to miss some of the areas. You don`t have to worry about food or drinks they do have a restaurant that serves beverages and food and you won`t have to exit the site for a refreshment.

Depending how much of it you want to see you can dedicate 3 hours to a full day to visit this site. There is a paying parking if you are planning to get there by car if not there are buses that get there and contrary to what map shows it is very close to Naples.

If you are planning to visit Pompeii while on the Amalfi coast plan it well as just getting there from Amalfi or Sorrento can take quite a while as you will have to take all those tiny curvy roads to get to close to Naples and then you will be on a major road.

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