Winter Walk at the Botanical Garden

Since walking is pretty much the only activity open to all parks are getting busy. I’ve walked the Old Port, the Mont-Royal and it’s packed all the time.

There’s another place too that you can now take walks at, the Botanical Garden. Obviously the indoor gardens are closed but the outside ones are open and it’s FREE!

There’s a parking right in front of the door (it is a pay parking) and can easily been access. Compared to the Old Port and Mont Royal they also have someone that controls the amount of people coming in which makes a difference as there’s plenty of room for physical distancing.

They have paths and indications to the different gardens and it’s easy to navigate. The nicest garden by far is the Chinese Garden. If it wouldn’t be for the tower of the Olympic Stadium in the background you could really feel like you’re visiting another place.

If you’re looking for a long walk the Maisonneuve Park is right next to the Botanical Garden and you can also snowshoe or cross-country ski in the park.

If you have kids, I saw a lot of people who brought sleigh and since most paths are on snow that’s a good way to continue your walk if they get tired.

If you have other cool places to suggest for nice long scenic walks in the city, drop it in the comments.




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