Hiking: Cap de la fée

This is a 7 km loop hike located in St-Donat with a 264 meters elevation gain. The drive from Montreal is about an 1 hour and 30 minutes. The trail is accessible from Ch.Régimbal parking lot. There is not that many spot in the parking and no space on the road to park so you should think of getting there early enough.

The trail is easy, if you take the loop clockwise you will get the biggest incline at the beginning of the trail. The trail is also well marked and there are signs at every crossroads and a few maps along the way. It is a short and easy hike which is perfect for a nice day on the trails if you don’t want to leave too early or enjoy your afternoon.

There are a few nice view points but the whole trail is beautiful. You’ll see a cascade, a nice view of Lac Coutu and from the summit Lac Archambault, Lac Ouareau and the Mont Garceau ski hill.

As always not a lot of people on the trail which is quite nice if you really want to enjoy your day. There’s also enough room at the summit to enjoy a lunch with a view.

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