Take-Out: Jerry Casse-Croute du Terroir

I remember the time when Oysters, Crab and Lobster were only available in season. I have to admit that I miss those days as it felt like a treat when it was finally available. But then there are snowy winter days where you feel like treating yourself and that’s when I really don’t mind having access to these foods year round.

Couple of weeks ago I had a craving for Lobster and selected Jerry Casse-Croute du Terroir to fulfill that craving. Several items on the menu look tempting but I stayed focus on Lobster and ended up ordering the Lobster Roll and the Lobster Poutine.

I almost ended up with a burger as the order delivery service gave me the wrong bag (always check the receipt at the door) but a few minutes later that situation rectified here I was facing my dinner. I have to admit that my expectations were low as there’s a lot of restaurants (that I haven’t written about) that cut corner short during this pandemic. Not that I had bad experiences with any restaurant from Jerome Ferrer in the past but still Lobster is Lobster and sometimes there’s more of it in the dish description than in the plate.

Hat’s off to these guys they are not cheap on the Lobster meat. Both the roll and the poutine had plenty of nice pieces in it and not the shredded “what part of the lobster is this meat from” type but nice chunk of claw meat. It also tasted like lobster and was not overpowered by the other ingredients. I’m usually not a fan of lobster poutine but I actually enjoyed this one. Instead of going on a variance with a white sauce they stuck to the original and it really was just a poutine with lobster on top, two taste I enjoy individually.

The portions are also good and fairly priced for what you get. If you miss your favorite “Lobster Shack” you can get a taste for it until they open up with these guys.

If you look for them online there’s a lot of articles about the restaurant been closed but you can order on Uber Eats any time you want

Jerry Casse-Croute du Terroir Uber Eats





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