Hiking: Village Mountain Trail

Fees: Free Level: Easy Parking: Yes Facilities: No

This is a 11 km in and out hike located in Sutton. The elevation gain is 204 meters and the trail is easy. The drive from Montreal is about an 1h 30min and the trail is accessible via a Maple Street in Sutton

A large portion of the trail is along a nice river and there’s is only one or two points of the trail where there is a very small incline. There’s a few streams to cross but with trail shoes, hiking boots or waterproof shoes you will be fine.

There is no summit but plenty of view points along the way. You can stop at almost any point along the river to have lunch and take a break. There are some picnic tables at the parking and I saw some across the river from the parking but did not look for how to get there.

There was not much traffic on the trail when I went but since it’s an easy trail that can be done by the whole family I’m sure it does get busy at one point.

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