Take-Out: Le Petit Italien


I could not get tired of eating Italian food. I just love the tastes of all the different dishes and if you think all pasta taste the same pleas delete my number… LOL

I’m fortunate to have traveled many time to Italy and enjoyed food from a lot of different regions. Good Italian food doesn’t need to be complicated, it’s all about the freshness and flavour of the ingredients. I’ve had some of the best food in a hole in the wall in Sicily that could compete with a Michelin Star restaurant I tried in Rome.

But Italy is Italy and here I am in Montreal… I have to admit that I’ve had a hard time to find my go to Italian restaurant in the past few years. My all time favorite ”Le Piedmontais” closed years ago and I’ve had a very difficult time to find a place that no matter what dish I order I know I will enjoy it.

My memory is usually extremely good but I had forgotten about that restaurant on Bernard that me and the boys use to go to after happy hour and a cigar at Whiskey Cafe. That place is Le Petit Italien and I always enjoyed their food at every visit. That’s why when I saw them on a delivery service app I had to order and see if after all these years the food was just like before.

I ordered the Veal Stew Fusilli and the Duck Ravioli and after the first bite I was happy to see that it was just as good as I remembered. The Fusilli in the veal sauce is not the fanciest dish you’ll ever see but it is so tasty (I ordered it a second time). The same goes for the Raviolis, the sauce that it was served with had so much flavor and the pasta were fresh and well cooked.

When I’m in the mood for Italian cuisine I have found a go to spot again and I’m happy to have rediscovered Le Petit Italien.

Le Petit Italien




Le Petit Italien Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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