Cafe Souvenir

photo credit: Cafe Souvenir
I don’t get to Outremont that often anymore and I should make an effort. There are a lot of good restaurants on Bernard Street and it’s sometimes hard to pick a place to go to. I let my sister guide us this weekend and we ended up at Cafe Souvenir. The place is not very big but has a cool ambiance. It gets quite busy but we were lucky to get a table right away. A long banquette against the wall with a few tables in front of the window makes the place pretty cozy. With spring around the corner, take note that they also have a small terrasse out front. The decor as a few pictures from around the world and the menu is pretty cool looking like a passport. IMG_0643[1]As we were there for breakfast/brunch I opted for the Egg Florentine with s latte. Food was excellent and coffee was good too. The only downside to my visit and I don’t know if it’s because they were busy but we had to wait for a while just to get sugar and milk for our coffee. Overall was a good experience and while going there also saw a couple of other places I want to try in a near future.


photo credit: Cafe Souvenir
photo credit: Cafe Souvenir
photo credit: Cafe Souvenir
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   By Sebastien Robillard
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