Bier Markt

Photo credit: Bier Markt

It’s Friday night, after a long week I just felt like having a couple of beers in a relax place, so me and a friend headed out to Bier Markt. Been both beer lovers we knew we would have a good night since they offer 150 different beers from 30 different countries. Out of that 45 of their beers are on draught and will be served in their respective glasses.  After a short wait at the bar while enjoying our Austrian “Stiegl” we were taken to our table. First of all, I got to admit that the place looks great, been in the old Queue de Cheval location they really decorated and used the place well, but still managed to keep it pub like. On our way to our table we spotted some pretzels (not the “in a bag”type) that look delicious. We placed in our order and after reviewing their extensive beer selection opted for one of their tasting menus. There was 3 menu choices, since I had already  started with a European beer, I chose the “Charming European”.  Each menu consist of 6 different beers in a 7oz format and is reasonably priced. My tasting started with a white Kronenbourg followed by an Edinger, a Palm Special, a Leffe blond, a Delirium Tremens and ending with a strawberry ale. If you are not sure which beer to try and what food to eat the waiter will help you with a pairing menu that will give you the perfect combination. There is also a live band from Thursday to Sunday that plays “Top 40” and alternative/classic rock. If you want to try good food and beer, Bier Markt is located on Rene-Levesque in front of the Bell Center. They have 3 different floors, the Bistro Lounge, The Mezzanine and the Galerie de Bruegel. They can also accommodate groups for events.

We really enjoyed our experience and we will definitely try the other tasting menus and other beers from around the world on our next visit. I don’t know how long it will be for but we will probably go back between Monday and Thursday for their ”5 a Huitres” as oysters are at 1$ and beer 6$.
Bier Markt
1221, boul René-Lévesque
Montréal, Québec, H3G 1T1
514 864 7575

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   By Sebastien Robillard
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Photo credit: Bier Markt
Photo credit: Bier Markt



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