Hiking: Pekan Trail


Fees: 8.75$ or SEPAQ Access Card Level: Moderate Parking: Yes Facilities: Yes

This is a 9.6 km loop hike located in Mont Orford National Park. The elevation gain is 224 meters and the trail is moderate. The drive from Montreal is about 1h30min and the trail is accessible via the parking lot at the entrance of Le Cerisier Service Center.

If you take the counter clock wise direction the trail has a steady incline with lots of roots and rocks for the first 2km after that you’ll have not much incline until you reach km 2.7 where you will have another 300m of ascent to get to a view point. There’s a few other view points at the beginning of the hike but this one is the one to see.

There’s a bit of room at the summit for a break but on a busy day not much room to stick around for too long and enjoy lunch.

There wasn’t much people on the trail, the first portion until the view point was the busiest one as some people will go to it and back and not do the entire loop. On the last 3km of the loop you will share the trail with bikes but the trail is wide enough to accommodate both and if you’re in a single file not dangerous.

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