How to get discounts on events in Montreal this summer


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It feels like spring is taking it’ time to show up but summer is still around the corner. With the multitude of activities happening it’s always cool to get some discounts while participating in those different event  So if you wouldn’t mind to get 20% at Bota Bota, 2 for 1 tickets on the Friday of the Grand Prix and also 10% for Jazz Fest, Just For Laughs and some museums keep reading.

So how do you get these discounts.. Well it’s actually really easy all you have to do is get your Access Montreal Card. The places and events I mentioned before are just a few of the different places you can get discounts at. You might want to switch their webpage from English to French as when I was browsing they had a larger offering on the French section.

If you’re more into sports and outdoors activities this will work for you too as you can get discounts for tennis courts, municipal golf course and a couple of the Montreal beaches. I had the card years ago and back then it was not in my opinion as worth it as it is now. For 8$ you’ll get to save a lot of money and on most cases it will be paid back on your first purchase.

Here’s the link for all the services and the point of sales for the card.

Advantages of Accès Montréal card

Points of sale

So card up and enjoy your summer!!



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