An alternative to beer for Summer


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It looks like nice weather is finally upon us and that means pool side parties, BBQ’s and picnics. What does that mean? Usually there’s some beer drinking involved in those events. If you’re looking for an alternative , Mad Jack will most likely be a good choice.

I got to sample these beverages and been a beer fan I was not sure if I would like them but after the first taste I was not too disappointed. If you’re looking for a beer taste you won’t find it in those drinks. Even if they do contain 5% alcohol you will not notice it at all.

We started our tasting with the Premium Apple Lager and it tasted a little like apple cider borderline apple drink without the slight taste of beer. We then tried the Premium Ginger  Lager (this one was my favorite) and it just felt like I was drinking a Ginger Ale. The Premium Hard Root Beer was the last that we tasted and this one had a small after taste. It was not a bad after taste but after trying the other two I was almost certain this would taste just like a non-alcoholic root beer.

This is definitely a cool beverage to have this summer, if you don’t like beer you will most likely like these. If you’re a beer drinker beware because they have such a light taste that you could down them faster than you would beers.

You can find them in most stores and you can get more information at


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