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A few weeks back I was invited to a different kind of event. Most of the time when I’m invited to taste the food I only sit back and enjoy. At this specific event all the guests were invited to participate in recreating some of the dishes concocted by a team of experts and food passionate.

The event was held at Azamit Pop-Up Home and was animated by Nicolas Fonseca. Concept was pretty cool, to determine the teams you had to choose different traits of you personality and were paired with people with those similar traits.

As we were walking in we were all provided with an apron and one of the signature cocktail from Cirka Distilleries made for the evening. Walking in the main area a multitude of ingredients were already set up for us on a huge square table. Walking around the room the different stations dedicated to the different teams were already set with a picture and brief description of the dish to recreate.

When the event started each member of the team had to go to the ingredients table and gather what we thought were appropriate to made our dish. I have to admit that the final result was not as pretty as the picture but it tasted real good. Cooking with Yogurt in different recipes is not always something that will be a natural thing to come to mind but it made the dishes different and tasty.

The grand final was made by the experts as they created a gigantic desert that took a table of about 2’x5′. Watching those guys use different ingredients and toppings to create a real piece of art with the desert was pretty awesome but eating it was even better.

Below are some of the dishes we had to recreate depending on which team we were with. You have a picture and a brief description of what needed to be done. Have fun and try it out you might discover some new tastes and pairing that you might like. You can also visit Liberté website for more recipe : www.liberte.ca





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