A little Christmas helper


Holiday season is around the corner and if you are the one who will be entertaining guests during that time of the year it can be lots of work to achieve the perfect evening. Traditional meal or a more elaborate menu can take up a lot of your time and take away some precious moments to spend with friends and family while keeping you in the kitchen.  So if you’re looking to spend more time drinking eggnog than prepping food this will probably interest you.

I was invited to participate in an event featuring some of the newest President’ Choice products where chef’s Danny Smiles from Bremner and Martin Patenaude executive chef at Provigo showed us some products and tricks to cut time on your holiday feast preparations.


PC_Dindon.jpgIf you want to go traditional they featured us the PC Butter Infused Season Young Turkey with two stuffings.  The beauty about this turkey is that you can simply roast it from frozen. No fussing around to get anything done just pick up this Canada Grade A turkey that is generously filled with two stuffings: bread stuffing with apples, and savoury stuffing with pork sausage. Infused with PC Black Label Normandy-style Cultured Butter and put it in the oven. The one they cooked took about 6 hours in the oven and then they let is rest covered for another 2 to 3 hours. For the roasting you’ll still need to baste and you can cover it when you’ve reach that golden roasted look for the rest of the cooking.


Loblaws - PC Holiday Insiders 2016

The turkey was served with mash but also some Rapinis with Piri Piri and Hollandaise sauce it was very tasty and rather easy to prepare here’s the recipe : Rapini with Piri Piri and Hollandaise



If you want to offer some less traditional appetizers while this bird is cooking they made us taste a few out of the box appetizers and some that take a little bit of prep time.



If you’re a fan of chicken and waffles I’m sure you will like the Waffle Cone Chicken with spicy maple syrup. Those tasty boneless chicken breast filet just need to be cooked in the oven and served. Easy enough and very tasty






If you don’t mind putting a little bit more time in the kitchen one recipe that was very good was the Crispy Sesame Rice cake with Tuna Tataki. It tastes as good as it looks! If you would like to try it here’s the recipe : Crispy Sesame Rice Cake Appetizers with Tuna Tataki

We also tried a lot of their desert products as we were challenge to create our own desert which were judged by the two chef’s. Here is my creation for the evening as well as some pictures of the ingredients we could choose from.


Hopefully these will inspire you for the holidays and make your life a little bit easier. If you’re not sure of your cooking skills also discovered during the evening that Provigo offers cooking classes. To see the list of classes you can follow the link below.

PC Cooking School



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