Winter Grilling – [sponsored]

If you’re into cooking I’m sure you’ll agree with me that cooking on the BBQ is awesome. Besides the exquisite tastes that it brings there’s a certain satisfaction to manning a grill. Maybe it’s just me but cooking on the open flame gives a certain kind of pride almost if I’ve hunted what ever I’m cooking that very afternoon. I always feel there’s also a close connection between a man and his grill but now I’m finding out more and more ladies won’t let you touch their BBQ.

Most people can’t wait for the spring and summer to BBQ, but why wait? Cooking your favorite food on the BBQ is something you can do year round. I use the grill 4 season and not only to cook the usual suspect but also some different recipes. If you’re going to use your BBQ in the winter there’s a few aspects that you’ll need to keep in considerations:

  1. It will take more time for your BBQ to heat up than it does in summer. That’s why you have to warm it up in advance from your regular timing to make sure it’s the proper temperature.
  2. Since it’s also colder outside you’ll want to keep the top close as much as possible to make sure the heat stays in.
  3. Make sure you put your BBQ in an accessible location and if you can protected from Mother Nature. You’ll use it a lot more often if you have an easy access and don’t have to shovel your way to it every time you’re in the mood to use your grill. If you’re area is not well lit make sure to have a BBQ light or a flashlight to check on your cooking.
  4. If you’re not planning to stay by the grill make sure you have boots that can be removed and put on easily between your check ups on your meal.
  5. Dress warm and make sure to protect your self with an apron. Personally I’ll be a little mad at myself in the summer if I ruin a t-shirt while cooking but I would be really mad to ruin a winter jacket.

One of the ritual of grilling for me is enjoying a nice cold beer while I’m cooking. Winter does have it’s advantages for this as you don’t need a cooler and ice to keep your beverages cold. Directly in the snow or on snow in a bucket to easily bring them inside when I’m done is what I’ll usually do.


To get you away from the burgers and hot dogs or regular steaks I have a few recipes for you to try on the BBQ. The one I’ve decided to make for you was the Rickard’s Open Face Steak Sandwich. Bellow is a step by step of what you’ll have to do to prepare that easy but so tasty recipe.

Rickard’s Open Faced Steak Sandwich

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 20 min

Serves: 2 – 3

Sandwiches Ingredients: 

1 – 10oz NY Strip Steak 1” Thick

2 – Red, Green or Orange Peppers

1 – Sweet Onion

1 – Bottle Rickard Red

1 – Lime



Store bought Chipotle Mayo

Cooking and Grilling:

Thinly slice peppers and onion and place in a deep pan with a bottle of Rickard’s Red. Simmer in pan until the bottle of Rickard’s has reduced and peppers and onions are soft


Pre oil the steak and coat with coarse salt and pepper.

Grill the steak until medium rare.


Sandwich Construction:

Slice the banquette in half and lightly toast on the grill.

Coat the Chipotle mayo on the toasted banquette.

Thinly slice the steak and pile heavily on the base.

Top the steak with the reduced Rickard’s Onions and Peppers.

Top with Cilantro and Lime zest.


Serve open faced and cut sandwich into desired proportions.


As you can see from the last picture I put a twist on that recipe and decided to make a sandwich out of it. The onions and peppers reduced in the Rickard’s tasted very good with the steak and I wanted to make sure I would get the mix of both in every bite.

I hope that gives you a few pointers on how and what to do on the BBQ during the winter months and that it will also inspire you to use your grill year round. If you have other tips to share with me please write them in the comment section as I’m always trying to master the art of grilling.

For more grilling recipes visit Rickard’s


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