Hiking: Chute a Bull and Trapper Trail

Version Francaise

This is a 4.3 km hike with 188 m of elevation gain located in the Chute a Bull Regional Park in Saint-COme. The drive from Montreal is about an 1h45min. The cost is 7.00$ and you can get directions and information on the website Park Website .

The hike is easy but what it lacks in difficulty and distance it gains in views. When you leave the parking lot you’ll first get to a closed bridge. If you continue and don’t cross the bridge you will end up on Trapper Trail and that will lead you all the way to the falls. If you’re going to do it in the winter I highly recommend spikes as there will be a lot of steep stairs when you get to the fall and on my visit they were icy. If you slip in those stairs you will hurt yourself bad. You will see that the view is worth it when you get to the end. You will have to backtrack to take the bridge and that will lead you to a trail with little incline. At the end of that trail there’s a shelter with two view points observation decks. The shelter also has a wood stove, a table and a few chairs and the door is unlocked. There’s also an outhouse up there but like any hike it’s not the Ritz bathroom.

The trails are well indicated and maintain, we didn’t get off track once. I went with hiking boots and spikes on this one. I only had a winter jacket on, the length of the trail didn’t justify going multilayers but I still had my pack.

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