Personalize your Glenlivet

For special occasions Champagne is usually the drink of choice. But when it comes to memorable occasions what’s your drink? Personally I’m a fan of Scotch, for some reason toasting to a special moment in a friends or family’s life with Scotch seems appropriate. Maybe it’s just me but the association or that special moment with the long tradition of Scotch seals that moment for a long time.

That’s also why I like to offer a bottle of Scotch when that special occasion arises. I recently just found out that Glenlivet can help you create that memory beyond that moment by creating your own personalized labels. What better than to offer a bottle with custom label that you can apply on the bottle with your special congratulation or message.

Here below is how easy you can create your own label that you will receive free of charge within 10-15 business days.

Fist visit the

Choose your bottle:

Choose a suggested message or create your own.

This is a great way to create life long memories and put a smile on your friends faces every time they enjoy a drink from your bottle.


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