Take-Out: Chez Tousignant

Ahh burgers… I have that love/hate relationship with them. I love the taste and everything you can put in them but I always feel guilty because they’re associated to junk food. I guess it’s one of the reasons that when I have a burger I always try to get a real good one.

Let’s rewind, not all burgers are junk food, if produce use to make them are fresh and you break it down, there’s noting bad for you in there. The challenge is to stay away from it’s best friend the fries…

One of my top places in Montreal for burgers and hot-dogs is Chez Tousignant. I have to admit I had not been there in a while and some of my friends posted a pic that triggered a craving. You all know I love my food so what to do when you’re craving both the burgers and the hot-dog….order both. In my defence I stayed away from the fries.

If you’re going to order a burger you need to order the the Burger Tousignant, who can turn down 100% local chuck steak and brisket patty, served in potato buns. Garnished with cheese, house maple ham, tomatoes, onions, iceberg lettuce, pickles, and Tousignant sauce. If you’re more the hot-dog type then the Hot-Dog Tousignant is your choice. House made chuck steak, brisket and pork sausage. Garnished with Tousignant sauce, cheese, bacon, and pickles. If you’re more classical when it comes to hot-dogs they also have a classic mustard coleslaw that is pretty awesome.

If you’re going to satisfy a craving, do it well and if it’s a burger or hot-dog craving that you have I would give these guys a try.

You can order for delivery or pick up on their site: Chez Tousignant




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