Restaurant : L’ Ami Fritz


Coming back from a hike in the Eastern Township I discovered this great Alsatian bistro L’ Ami Fritz. They offers a wide variety of flamekueches, flammekueche or tarte flambée is a specialty of Alsace. They are made from thin bread dough and the traditional one is covered with cheese, crème fraîche, thin-sliced onions and lardons.

At L’ Ami Fritz they have the tradionnal flammekueche but they also have a lot of other combination. It’s a lot more fun when you go with a several people as you can order several ones. I got to try a few of them that were brought one at the time and they were very good. They also have beer and wine and you can ask their recommendation for pairing with your meal.

They also have a selection of sweet flammekueche and I got to try the Pear and Swiss Chocolate Chip and one that is not always on the menu which was made with blueberries. Every Sunday they also make fresh Pretzels, but you have to show up in the morning cause they run out fast.

The chef is the owner and the whole staff is very friendly. They have a dinning room but they also have a few picnic tables outside, but they do not do the service outside.

They are closed Monday and Tuesday but great place to stop by after outdoor activities. Enjoy a good meal before heading back out to the city, traffic is always more tolerable on a full stomach.

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By Sebastien Robillard

Bistro L’ Ami Fritz

56 Bromont boulevard in Bromont

450 919-1173

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