Hiking: Mont St-Pierre


Fees: 5$  Level: Hard Parking: Yes Facilities: No

This is a 4.2 km hike with an elevation gain of 410 m located at Mont St-Pierre in Gaspesie. The trail is easily accessible from the parking lot on the side of the highway. You will need to keep an eye out the parking is almost at the exit of the village heading east.

The trail starts on the road used by vehicles that take hang glider and para-glider to the top. You will get off the gravel road when you reach the picnic tables to the right. In the back there is an entrance to the trail that takes you through the woods and all the way to the summit.

The trail is short but very steep, I have to say I should have used my hiking boots and poles on this one as I paid the price the next day feeling it quite a bit in my calves. The last portion to reach the summit has a lot of stairs and is pretty precarious but still very safe.The views from the top are spectaculars, you get a great view on the valley and the bay and for a short hike it’s a pretty good pay off. This trail also is a section of the International Appalachian Trail.

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