L’Entrepot Mont-Royal

photo credit: L’Entrepot

Last year I moved on the Plateau and I’m discovering new places and reconnecting with some old ones. A friend of mine had told me of L’Entrepot on Mont-Royal. Concept is simple, every dish on the menu is 4.95$. I visited the place with a friend so we could try a few different dish. First expect to wait, we showed up and had a 20 minutes wait, the place is popular. Decor is also pretty cool, been an old skateboarder I loved the boards mounted on the wall as well as the chandelier made of boards. If you like skateboard or if you bring a date and think they might like it, it might not be a good spot for you. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen showing old street skateboard videos. The atmosphere is relax and the staff is very friendly.

As for the food, we tried a few dishes and the Mac n’ Cheese was pretty good but the chicken fingers were a little bit on the dry side. Burgers looked very good although I didn’t try them but I got to admit that portions are pretty good for a 5$ meal. You can also eat at the bar or on their terrace. They are also open till 3am which is kind of cool if you’re on the plateau, great alternative to the 3am Mcd’s or poutine. Don’t go there expecting an out of this wold gastronomic experience but the menu will definitely satisfy you and the ambiance is pretty cool.

L’Entrepot Mont-Royal

1019 Mont-Royal

Montreal, Quebec


514 507 3133

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   By Sebastien Robillard
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photo credit: L’Entrepot

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