Boston Road Trip

Traveling is always awesome, but traveling with some of your best buddies is even better. We had a wedding to attend is Boston, well actually in New Hampshire, so we decided to build a weekend around it. We were only going to be there for 3 days so we had to make the best out of it.

The wedding was held on the Friday so we left on Thursday morning to benefit as much as possible of our time. We didn’t make record time to get there as we just enjoyed the drive down stopping for an hour lunch at some other pit stops.

One of our pit stops brought us to the NH Liquor store 67, it’s located on Highway 93 south and it’s a must if you’re planning to purchase some alcohol.  Booze being pretty taxed here in Canada we were like kids in a toy store. Not only is it cheaper but there’s no taxes in New Hampshire so it makes you purchase even more of a bargain. If you’re from Canada you obviously have to look at the exchange rate to make sure it’s really worth it. I love the Coppola winery so I purchased a couple of bottles of Claret since that is the maximum limit to bring back.

We got back on the road to reach our hotel the Marriott Burlington, it’s not in the heart of Boston but it was a good mid point between the wedding and the city. Since it’s also only 20 minutes to the city it’s actually pretty good location price/quality wise. They have 2 pools one indoor one outdoor, a restaurant and a lobby bar that was pretty cool.

After our check in we barely had time to change before heading to the city for one of our planned event, a night at Fenway Park to watch the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees. We’re not necessarily huge baseball fans but when you get to see those 2 teams play after over a 100 years of rivalry it’s definitely a check off your bucket list. We had some pretty good seats but the temperature was quite high for this time of the year and 2 of the boys managed to get us in the Budweiser VIP section. It was a little higher than our seat but the breeze and beer made it the perfect spot to watch the game.


When the game was over we grabbed a couple of hot dogs from street vendors on Lansdowne street and after inquiring of a place to finish up the night we went to the Yard House. The place as over 100 beers on tap and was pretty cool. After asking a few people where else we should go there was quite a mix of suggestions but nothing clear for directions. We realize that or Boston is definitely more of a Pub kind of city or the people just don’t know where to send you when you want to go out. I should have researched a little bit more before we left but I also wanted to go with the flow and not plan too much.

After spending some time by the pool we headed to the wedding that was held at the Searles Castle in New Hampshire. I guess every girl wants to get married in a castle so our friend pick a great venue for her wedding. Scenery was beautiful and it was a fun time, only down fall was the temperature that reached 38 degrees celcius (100 F)  that day and that was not accommodating for the guest that were all dressed up or the poor bride with her gown.



It ended up been a very long night after the wedding and we were meeting the newlyweds for brunch. They had picked the location close to Harvard Square in Cambridge and we met them at the Beat Brasserie. The place is pretty cool, it’s quite big and they have live bands that play at night. The brunch was pretty good and even if we were a pretty large group it was not a problem for space or service. The groom suggested we meet at The Lawn on the D. Place is very cool next to the convention center, it has a bar with outdoors picnic tables that are covered by a tent. They also have synthetic and real grass to lay down and relax. If you’re lucky you can probably get some chair that are spread out throughout the lawn. They also have a couple of games and some swings that looked pretty awesome, but I didn’t try them as I just wanted to lie down and chill.



For diner we decided to go to the Barking Crab, it was not the first time I went there but I like the non pretentious feel of the place to enjoy seafood close to the water. I had a platter with Crab and Lobster and also got to taste some of the Lobster Mac n Cheese and Lobster roll.


The trip coming to an end, Sunday consisted of a little shopping before we were heading back. Overall a very fun weekend, short by very fun, we could have definitely added a day or two to really enjoy and visit the city. We were not too disappointed as the proximity to Boston from Montreal is quite reasonable and having friends in the city it is only a farewell and we will see you again Boston to discover more of what you have to offer.

The Barking Crab Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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