Hiking: Massif Trail Loop

This is a 11.6 km loop hike with an elevation gain of 412 m. The trail is located in Notre Dame de la Merci in the Parc Regional de la Foret Ouareau . The drive from Montreal is about an 1 hour and 30 minutes. There’s an entry fee of 7$ for adults. 3.75$ for children or 16.50$ per family. They have a parking lot and facilities.

The hike is moderate and I suggest taking the loop clockwise that way you will be in the more dificult part of the trail at the begining and will come back on a road like trail. At 2.5km you will go for a steap climb of 220 m for 1.8 km.

There are several forks on the trail but they have sign at each intersection and some have mapsthat make it easy to follow and stay on track. There are quite a few nice view points of the Massif and on the final portion a few nice view points on lakes.

Very nice trail, Hiking boots and poles but it was very muddy and even had water puddles if you want to use shoes.

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