Take-Out: Maam Bolduc

On a not so warm day I was really looking forward to eating something that would not only hit the spot but provide me with a little comfort. I try to be somehow careful with my diet during the week so I don’t mind going all out on the weekend as I usually burn enough calories hiking.

Comfort food comes in different dishes, I mentionned some in a previous post ” Take-Out: Diablos BBQ Smokehouse“. In this post comfort food comes more from my heritage of growing up in a French canadian houseold. My mom was never big on the traditional dishes but some other members of the family were and as holiday season was on it’s way I was always looking forward to those meals.

Montreal has so many restaurants but it’s actually pretty hard to find a place that does really well the traditional Quebec meals and I found it at Maam Bolduc.

If you don’t know the traditional food that we have, there is the Tourtière (meat pie), Ragoût de Boulettes et Pattes de Cochon (meatball and pig’s foot stew) and that just to name the two that are usually hard to find.

As I was looking at the menu I saw that Maam Bolduc offers L’Assiette Quebecoise which had the meat pie, some ham and the stew served with mashed potatoes. Now If you’ve never had this before you don’t understand the importance of the mashed potatoes. They have to be mixed with the gravy from the stew and if it would be a home cooked meal that’s how you alway go for seconds pretending you ran out of gravy or potatoes. Serve and repeat.

L’Assiette Quebecoise really met my expectations and I have to say it’s the closest in taste I’ve had in a Montreal restaurant from the home cooked version.The stew was super tasty and the gravy not too starchy as it often is the case in some restaurant. The meat pie was also excellent, it was so full of flavors that I didn’t cover it with ketchup (that’s another thing we do). The ham was also very good.

This was a great meal that not only brought me comfort but also a little nostalgia from my childhood holidays.

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