Cinque Terre

FRANCAIS One of the things that made me love Italy is the landscape, it seem no matter where you go you always get picturesque scenery. On my last trip I got to visit another one of those beauties in the region or Liguria (bordering Tuscany) Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre (five lands) is the coastal area […]


FRANCAIS I visited different region of Italy but none of them had beaches like the ones in Sardinia. If you are looking for a beach vacation or at least to incorporate a few days in your trip of beach time that you will enjoy Sardinia. With almost 2000 kilometers of coast line the sand beaches […]


FRANCAIS Quite a few movies have been made of the ancient Roman city that was buried in volcanic ash and pumice when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. If you like history this Unesco World Heritage Site should be on your bucket list. Personally besides how well preserved this city is the level of advancement […]


FRANCAIS Capital of Tuscany Florence is a beautiful city with lots of history.  From great authors such as Dante and Machiavelli and masters as Botticelli, Donatello and Michelangelo that left their mark on the city also making it a capital of the arts. One of the things I like about Florence is been able to […]

Mount Etna

FRANCAIS If you are going to visit Sicily you need to plan half a day to visit Mount Etna. Located between Messina and Catania on the east coast of Sicily, this is the highest active volcano in Europe. There are different ways to visit or explore this Unesco World Heritage Site area depending on your […]

Le Cendrillon

Back again in the vieux Limoilou neighborhood but this time visiting Le Cendrillon. I’m told it’s a sister restaurant of La Planque but aside from the quality of the food they are different. The difference is in their menu concept where Le Cendrillon offers a tapas style menu that can easily be shared. I always […]


I have to admit that I’m a pretty big fan of steak. For some people steak is all the same but I do enjoy having different cuts. When I was invited to try Cuts by a client I could not turn down the invitation. They are located downtown Atlanta and close to the major hotels […]

La Planque

I’ve been to Quebec many times but having friend recently moving there really up the game restaurant wise on my visits. With sometimes very little time it’s hard to find the places that are the place to visit and they make my visit more pleasant not having to look for the good adresses to visit. […]